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Obtaining Manager and Employee Feedback Via 360 Reviews

The 360 Review Process – Multi-Source Assessment

A 360 review is an employee performance evaluation that solicits multi-source feedback from

the employee’s manager, subordinates and immediate work circle. In contrast with traditional

performance appraisals, 360 reviews collect more diverse information about the employee’s job

performance, interpersonal communications and participation in work group activities. In

addition to providing a more comprehensive employee evaluation, the 360 degree review can

also reveal opportunities for enhancing the individual's behaviors or the organization’s structure,

processes and communications.

TPOYC Products and Services for Performance Appraisal

Our training catalog includes 360 review and performance management courses for managers, team leaders, coaches, sponsors and individual employees. We are particularly excited with the design and benefits of Inscape's new Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders executive training course which combines the DiSC profile assessment with 360 feedback training. 

We also offer Vital Learning's 360 feedback-related Developing Performance Goals & Standards course, and training in Providing Performance Feedback for managers and team leaders. These are available in classroom, online or blended formats.

Planning, Conducting and Evaluating a 360 Review

360 reviews are now commonplace in corporations, government and non-profits; more than 90% of the Fortune 500 now utilize multi-rater feedback and a 360 review process. The potential benefits derived from this performance feedback tool make it imperative that employees and managers are trained to conduct and evaluate the 360 review in an effective manner. The Pleasure of Your Company™ offers a variety of performance appraisal tools and consulting services to assist organizations with 360 reviews and performance management evaluation systems.

360 Review Benefits and 360 Feedback Applications

The primary purpose of 360 reviews is employee performance management evaluation, but the information gathered can also provide valuable insights into the organization’s employee engagement, management effectiveness and employee communications. Managers are frequently surprised to learn what their subordinates and coworkers think about their performance and interactions; and this goes double for the manager’s manager.

Using 360 Degree Feedback in Performance Management

It’s important that each employee participating in a 360 review be trained to understand the objectives and procedures for reviewing their manager, subordinate or peer. Reviewers must avoid the natural tendency to formulate their evaluations based on social, personal or other non-business factors; and also to assess performance over the entire evaluation period, not just the most recent experience. A well-constructed performance evaluation survey goes a long way toward minimizing these potential problems.

Establishing a Robust Performance Management Evaluation System

The 360 review is only part of an organization’s overall performance management strategy and performance evaluation system. Other tools useful in performance evaluations include Management By Objectives (MBO) scoring, job-specific competency tests, and role-specific performance metrics like sales quotas and customer satisfaction scores. Regardless of the specific performance assessment tools an organization employs, the hallmark of a successful performance management evaluation is ‘no surprises’. Employees should understand the performance assessment system and metrics, and have an ongoing sense of how they are performing before the performance appraisal is conducted.