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D – Dominance
 i – influence 
S – Steadiness 
C – Conscientiousness

Inscape DiSC profiles: DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC

Increasing Employee Engagement with DiSC Profile


One of the major obstacles to engaging employees is ensuring that they understand their

coworkers. A group DiSC profile assessment helps each employee understand his/her own

behavior style and learn about the personality traits of fellow team members. This knowledge

and interaction are key components of team building and the enhanced communications necessary

for more complete employee engagement.

Personality Types and D-i-S-C Profiling

The DiSC profile represents an individual’s personality as a combination of four characteristics --

and the extent to which each of these drives his or her behavior. Typically the DiSC profile assessment is summarized by positioning a dot on a circular chart like the one shown above. The dot is placed in the quadrant corresponding to the highest scoring D, I, S or C trait; and the

higher the score, the closer the dot is to the outer edge of the circle. Within that quadrant, the dot is also located nearer to the quadrant of the second highest scoring personality trait. For example, someone with an extremely high Dominance rating (called ‘High D”) would have a dot placed on the outer edge of the D quadrant. Someone else with relatively high but similar Steadiness and Conscientious scores (“SC” Type”) would have the dot placed on the line between the S and C quadrants, closer to the middle of the circle

It’s interesting and valuable to understand one’s own personality type; but the major organizational benefit of DiSC profile analysis comes from a guided discussion of each others’ profiles. This interaction can increase each employee’s appreciation of coworkers’ motivations,

values and perspectives – enhancing workplace relationships and communications.

The New Everything DiSC Profile Series

  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® – leadership development training
  • Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders – leadership training plus 360 feedback
  • Everything DiSC® Management – training for managers and supervisors
  • Everything DiSC Workplace® – employee DiSC profile assessment and training
  • Everything DiSC® Sales – training in analyzing customer personality style

Classic DiSC Profile and Profile-based Course Offerings

The original DiSC profile and specialized courses are now referred to as DiSC Classic, having been superseded by the new Everything DiSC profile and training products. The DiSC Classic products are still valuable tools for personality assessment; and some organizations will continue to use these to maintain consistency with previously trained employees, or until their assessment and training programs are updated.

TPOYC – The Employee Engagement Company

The Pleasure of Your Company™ provides Everything DiSC profile assessment and DiSC Classic training and consulting services to organizations of all sizes and industries. Call us today to discuss your employee assessment and training requirements, and how we can help you engage employees, improve workplace relationships and increase productivity.