Using DiSC Personality Assessment to Increase Employee Engagement

Improving Communications with DiSC Assessment

In order to effectively communicate with their colleagues, employees need to understand their

own workplace personality style -- and those of their co-workers. Inscape’s DiSC assessment

process provides a scientifically-proven methodology for evaluating personality profiles based on

four characteristics: Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness (D-i-S-C). After

completing DiSC assessments (sometimes referred to as DiSC tests), employees will have a better

understanding of how they and their colleagues perceive workplace situations, approach workplace

tasks and communications.

Planning DiSC Personality Assessments

A DiSC assessment can be performed individually; but the best results are achieved when the personality assessments are conducted and evaluated in a group setting. This gives all participants the opportunity to review and discuss the results with co-workers in an interactive environment. TPOYC offers a complete line of Inscape products -- including the new role-specific Everything DiSC profiles and courses -- that can be used to guide this discussion to increase employees’ understanding and appreciation of their behavioral styles. As with all employee surveys or tests, it’s a good idea to explain the intentions, process and results of DiSC assessment to employees beforehand to set expectations properly and allay any concerns the participants may have.

Managing the DISC Profile Administration Process

In preparation for DiSC assessment, employees should be told that the DiSC profile is not a test in the usual sense of the word – there are no right or wrong answers on DiSC assessments. Participants should also be encouraged to fill out the profiles with spontaneous and candid answers, to produce the most accurate and useful results. And it’s a good idea to explain the differences between Inscape’s DiSC assessment – which focuses on workplace behavioral styles -- and other types of personality tests like Myers-Briggs and MMPI.

Classroom-based DiSC Assessment

TPOYC offers paper DiSC assessment forms and facilitation kits for classroom use (individual or

group), as well as tools to assist in the evaluation and discussion of the resulting profiles.

These tools involve role-playing and profile-oriented games to assist participants with

understanding their own workplace personality traits – and those of their fellow employees.

By showing how different behavioral styles operate in a simulated work environment, the

DiSC-based personality assessment enables employees to recognize, respect and understand

where co-workers are coming from. This awareness enhances team building and workplace

communications. Visit the TPOYC online store to review our complete line of Inscape DiSC

profile products.  

Online DiSC Profile Assessments

Most organizations elect to have employees take DiSC assessments online to simplify administration and eliminate classroom processing time as well as time away from the job. Additional reports supplied by the facilitator provide individual and group statistics about the variation in personality types and behavioral styles; and support group discussions to illustrate how people with different personality profiles interact. In conjunction with the associated game-oriented profile interaction tools, the DiSC assessment group reports give informative and entertaining perspectives that enhance the utility of the test results.

TPOYC Training in DiSC AssessmentIn addition to paper and online DiSC profile assessments, TPOYC offers consulting services to help organizations plan, manage and evaluate DiSC profiles – and to apply these toward increasing employee engagement. We manage DiSC assessment programs for Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, non-profits and small businesses. Call today to discuss your current situation and objectives; and we can develop a customized DiSC profile assessment program that will help your organization improve employee engagement and increase productivity.

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