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DiSC Profile Assessment Tests from TPOYC

Employee Assessment Tests:
Benefits and Applications

Assessing employees can have several benefits for your organization and the individual employee.

Well-planned and administered assessment tests can identify workforce skill gaps, assignment

mismatches and/or opportunities for improving training and communications. An assessment

test can also point out an individual worker’s knowledge or skill gap to enable training before this

becomes a job performance issue.

Assessing Employees with DiSC Profile Tools

Personality assessment is a powerful tool for enhancing workplace communications and

employees’ appreciation of their co-workers’ diverse attitudes and perspectives. The DiSC

profile – developed by Inscape Publishing – is a behavioral personality assessment that

characterizes each employee’s outlook and approach to workplace tasks and communications.

Typically employees meet in a group to discuss their DiSC test assessments, in an

enlightening discussion of alternative attitudes and perspectives on workplace activities.

DiSC Personality Types and Employee Evaluation

A DiSC profile models the employee’s personality in terms of four facets -- Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness – and the extent to which each of these factors influences the person’s behavior. Dominance refers to assertiveness and the desire to control situations; influence measures an individual’s preference for collaboration and socialization; Steadiness gauges the employee’s persistence and patience; and Conscientiousness measures a person’s adherence to regulations and structure. The DiSC assessment is sometimes referred to as a ‘DiSC test’, but this is a misnomer -- there are no right or wrong answers on a DiSC profile, just different types of DiSC personality.

Assessment Test Planning and Administration

It’s important to carefully plan DiSC profile assessments to ensure these properly reflect employee personalities and promote improved understanding and communications. A key step in DiSC assessment is explaining the purpose and process of assessment tests to employees beforehand. Employees need to understand that this is not a performance evaluation and should be encouraged to complete the DiSC profile in a manner that accurately reflects their true personality and behavioral style.

Employee Engagement Surveys to Assess Workforce Engagement

Although it’s not truly an assessment test, an employee engagement survey can elicit valuable information about workforce competency and training shortfalls. Engagement surveys are used to primarily to assess the overall level of employee commitment, involvement, motivation and satisfaction – and to discover factors that are impeding employees from being fully engaged.  Engagement surveys can reveal gaps in employees’ understanding of their role in the organization, relationships with co-workers, performance management, career growth, work/life balance and a host of other cultural drivers

Employment Candidate Selection Assessment Testing

Assessment tests are also effective tools for screening and selecting new hires. A properly structured pre-employment selection assessment test can determine if a candidate has the skills and experience required for the job – and if the applicant would be a good fit in the organization. Administering an online selection assessment test early in the hiring process can also screen out candidates who would not be successful in the job, enabling the hiring manager and human resources team to spend more time with more highly qualified prospects. Selecting the best candidate for the job is a major factor in enhancing organizational effectiveness and preparation for the future.