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Planning and Conducting Employee Evaluations

Evaluating Employee Skills, Personality and Attitudes

In discussing Employee Evaluation here we are referring to assessing an employee’s skill levels,

work experience and personality traits for the purpose of selecting candidates for hiring,

promotion or additional training. This is in contrast with a Performance Evaluation that measures

employees’ accomplishment of performance objectives. Employee evaluations are an important tool in employee development, workforce planning and leadership development.

Benefits of Employee Evaluations

Evaluating employees (and prospective employees) is a key function of managers, leaders and

human resources professionals. The employee evaluation is frequently one of the main

criteria for promotion, selection for specialized training, or appointment to a new organization

or important project. For these applications, the process and evaluation form is usually

customized to incorporate the most important criteria of the new role or activity.

Employee Evaluation Tools, Training and Coaching

Because of the potential for confusing this with a performance review, it’s important to

carefully explain the purpose of the evaluation to employees. They need to understand that this

is a developmental tool that measures their suitability for the role or training in question – not a performance evaluation or review -- and specifically not something that will affect their continued employment or compensation. Managers and evaluators need to ensure that there are specific things the employee can do to prepare for future opportunities and evaluations. Competency-based developmental assessments can be used to coach employees and help them move toward their desired career path and goals.

DiSC Profile Assessment Tools

In addition to revealing personality types and communication styles, the DiSC profile can also be a useful part of an employee evaluation to help employees grow in their leadership/management roles. This is particularly the case for key leadership positions where Everything DiSC Work of Leaders provides excellent assessment and training, or the Everything DiSC Sales course for salespeople and sales manager training. Understanding the personality types manifested in DiSC assessments is an important aspect of manager/leader relationships with direct reports, peers and teams.

Employment Candidate Evaluations -- Selection Tests

The same process and tools can also be used to screen and select candidates in the hiring and interviewing process. For positions that are open to both internal and external prospects, the hiring manager and human resources staff will develop the same competency-based job descriptions, screening and selection process and evaluation criteria for all candidates. This type of employee evaluation, a competency-based selection test containing the right interview questions, can help a company screen for the best talent and candidates available and avoid adverse impact.

Training Managers in Employee Evaluation

Evaluating employees is a key management role, and it is imperative that supervisors and managers are properly trained in evaluation objectives, planning and process. A manager who is not adept at hiring, assigning and promoting the most suitable candidates is limiting the effectiveness and potential of the organization. Hiring and assigning employees is arguably the most important human resource management skill; and this is reflected in the amount of attention paid to employee evaluation -- knowing which developmental tools and tests to administer, and correctly interpreting the results.