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Surveying Employees to Assess Employee Engagement

Improve Engagement with an Employee Survey

Employee surveys are effective tools for assessing employee engagement, evaluating worker motivation and gauging employee satisfaction. The Pleasure of Your Company™ (TPOYC) assists organizations of all types and sizes in surveying employees, performing group and individual assessments, and providing classroom and online business training. We can help you plan, conduct and evaluate a custom employee survey that meets your specific needs.

The Benefits of Well-Planned Surveys

A well-designed employee survey is more than a simple employee satisfaction survey; it can provide valuable
information and insights into the factors that affect workforce competence, productivity and morale. And there
are specialized surveys to evaluate workplace diversity, healthcare plan preferences and employee views on
​compensation and benefits.

Keys to a Successful Employee Survey

There are several common recommendations that apply to most types of employee survey:

  • Management should explain the purpose, process and intended applications of the survey. Employees who do not understand and embrace the survey’s purpose may be wary of providing complete and candid responses, limiting the effectiveness of the undertaking. Employee surveys produce the best results when employees feel they are stakeholders in the outcome of the survey.
  • An employee survey that solicits candid feedback and/or controversial opinions should be anonymous -- to make participants more comfortable in providing this information.
  • Management should be prepared to receive unpleasant and unexpected responses from employees; and these should not be dismissed without serious evaluation. Employees frequently have valuable insights, information and perspectives not available to the management team. And it’s better to get bad news from employees than from customers, regulators, business partners or outside critics.
  • The act of conducting an employee survey raises employees’ expectations that management will do something (positive) following the compilation and analysis of the results. If no perceptible action ensues following the survey, employee morale will suffer – and they will be less receptive to participating in future surveys

TPOYC – a Dallas, Texas Employee Engagement Company

The Pleasure of Your Company™ specializes in employee engagement. We can help your organization plan, conduct and evaluate an employee survey that will identify opportunities for improving engagement and productivity. Surveying employees is the first step toward enhancing employee commitment, job competence and morale; and provides a reliable and cost-effective method of obtaining this valuable information about your workforce. Call us today to discuss your company’s needs, and learn about the benefits an employee survey can bring to your business.