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TPOYC Employee Training and DiSC Profile Courses

Employee Training for Increased Employee Engagement

Business training and employee development have improved significantly with the advent of
workforce engagement programs and competency-based instruction. Engagement surveys
can identify shortfalls in employee training and development, and this information can be
used to create training programs that enhance job competency, improve morale and increase 
productivity. The Pleasure of Your Company™ (TPOYC) is an experienced business training
company, specializing in engagement surveys and corporate training program development.

DiSC Profile Assessment for Employee Development

In order to interact effectively with other employees, workers must appreciate and understand each others’ values, personalities and perspectives. The DiSC profile assessment (sometimes referred to as a DiSC test) is a proven tool for identifying a person’s behavioral personality type – and a vehicle for discussing diverse personality types in a group setting to enhance workers’ understanding and communications. TPOYC offers a variety of DiSC assessment tests and DiSC-based employee training courses for businesses in Dallas, Texas and major cities across the USA.

Customized Employee Training Programs

TPOYC can work with you to identify workforce development requirements and set up a program

to train employees in key job skills. We have experience in employee training for organizations of

all sizes: Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, non-profits and small businesses.

Our products and services include classroom-based, online courses and blended (classroom

and online) formats. Call us today to discuss your current situation and requirements.

Employee Development Training and DiSC Assessment

Engagement surveys often reveal that employee satisfaction and productivity are often impaired by several factors:

  • Workers not fully understanding their role in the organization’s overall operation
  • Miscommunication of organizational goals and individual performance expectations
  • Missing job skills or knowledge of the business process
  • Personality conflicts with co-workers and managers
  • Misunderstanding of others’ motivations, personalities and communication styles
  • Difficulty interacting with team members and other employees

DiSC assessment is an effective approach to resolving conflicts and enhancing communications within teams and across the organization. By increasing each employee’s understanding of his/her own personality type – and the behavioral characteristics of other DiSC personality profiles – most of these conflicts and communications issues can be averted.

TPOYC – Business Training Company – Employee Engagement

A well-designed and carefully implemented employee training program can increase workforce productivity and employee satisfaction. Engagement surveys and DiSC profiles are proven, cost-effective methods for training employees in the ‘soft skills’ necessary to contribute to the success of the organization. Let The Pleasure of Your Company™ help your business plan and implement an employee training initiative to enhance engagement, morale and productivity.