Actionable Ideas for Employee Engagement

​Engaged Employees Increase Productivity

Engaging employees is beneficial for each employee and your organization as a whole. The best
employee engagement ideas focus on increasing workers’ understanding of their role in the
enterprise and the way in which their jobs contribute to the success of the entire company.
It’s also beneficial to conduct an engagement survey to identify any gaps in job-related knowledge,
skills, training and communications. Here are several cost-effective ideas for employee engagement
​you can get started with today:

Managing for Employee Engagement (Pfeiffer)

This is a training course from Pfeiffer, based on the book of the same name by Patrick Lencioni. Pfeiffer training is best known for their Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) and 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, and they are now applying these ideas to management training for engaging employees. Managing for Employee Engagement is a set of products that includes the book, a workshop facilitator guide (standard and deluxe versions) -- including numerous employee engagement ideas and tools, the Pfeiffer training course, participant workbook and motivational poster.

Everything DiSC Workplace®

This is the latest in a series of DiSC profile-based courses and tools from Inscape Publishing, and

a major upgrade from the DiSC Classic series of products. DiSC profile assessment is based on
the idea that workers who understand their colleagues’ behavior styles will be more able to
communicate and collaborate. The Everything DiSC Workplace product family includes the
Everything DiSC Workplace profile, style guides, interaction guides, People-Reading Pens -- and
a comprehensive instructor Facilitation Kit that provides all the information, materials and
examples necessary to plan and conduct a workplace seminar.

The Employee Engagement Survey

One of the most valuable ideas for employee engagement is the engagement survey. The Pleasure of Your Company has helped dozens of corporations, government agencies, non-profits and small start-ups to plan and conduct employee surveys. We understand the best practices and key features to incorporate to develop an effective questionnaire and survey process, encourage workers to provide candid responses, and properly interpret the results.

Additional Courses and Tools for Engaging Employees

TPOYC has a complete suite of classroom and online courses, DiSC profiles, games and other employee engagement ideas that can engage your workforce, improve communication and teamwork. These include proven tools and methods for performance management, leadership development, talent management, 360 review, DiSC profile assessment and other assessment tests. We can customize any of these products and services to create a business training program tailored to your organizations requirements and budget.

TPOYC – Your Business Training Partner

The Pleasure of Your Company is a leader in employee engagement ideas, tools and services. Call us today to discuss your workforce training needs and ideas for engaging your employees for better teamwork and improved productivity.

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