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DiSC Training -- Classroom & Online DiSC Profiles and Courses

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Increase Engagement with DiSC Trained Employees

Based on the established principles of DiSC profile assessment, the Everything DiSC

Workplace® course from The Pleasure of Your Company™ trains individual contributors to

discover their DiSC style, understand others styles, build more effective relationships and learn

new people-reading skills. Learning about your DiSC Profile is fun particularly when conducted in

a group setting. Another option is the DiSC paper assessment or our online DiSC training

course. The DiSC Profile results demonstrate the wide diversity of personality characteristics and

behaviors that influence employee behavior and approaches to the workplace.

Advanced DiSC® Training Courses for Management

TPOYC offers the full line of Everything DiSC training products, which are replacing the Indra and Classic course groups in the Inscape product family. These new courses include a specialized leadership development course for anyone who provides leadership called Work of Leaders, and a manager training course for experienced managers or managers-in-training called Everything DiSC Management. The Everything 363 for Leaders course combines DiSC theory with the 360 review process. 

DiSC Training for Salespeople

To help salespeople connect better with customers, the Everything DiSC Sales Profile provides DiSC training for sales team members and other employees who interact with customers. Using the DiSC Profile information embodied in the new Sales Map construct, salespeople will gain a better understanding of their customer’s buying style. DiSC Personality Profiles -- enhance communications and the ability to handle sales objections. Your sales personnel will close more sales once they have training in the DiSC assessment. Salespeople report that their closing rates go up substantially following the training.

TPOYC DiSC Training and Personality Assessment

The Inscape DiSC Profile assessment is a personality model that is highly beneficial for understanding human behavior in the workplace.  Some people want to call it a personality test, however since there are no right or wrong answers we prefer to call it an assessment. A DiSC Profile is based upon a four quadrant model: Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Respondents rate themselves and their profile results help them understand themselves and the behaviors of others. DiSC is renowned throughout the world and is available in many languages.

Still Available – Training in DiSC Classic® Profile Assessment

To preserve consistency in our clients’ DiSC training programs, TPOYC continues to offer the DiSC Classic series of products (in English and Spanish) as well as other popular DiSC profile-based enhancements including

  • Customer Service Action Planner
  • DiSC Management Action Planner
  • DiSC Managing Performance Action Planner
  • DiSC Sales Action Planner

The continued availability of these planners ensures that organization can drive the skills home in any Everything DiSC training course.

Profile-based DiSC Training Courses from TPOYC

The Pleasure of Your Company™ has extensive experience in DiSC theory and practice, and is one of the top global distributors of Inscape training courses. TPOYC provides training services to organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 corporations to small start-ups. In addition to classroom and online DiSC personality assessment, TPOYC offers specialized DiSC training courses in Performance Management, Customer Service and Sales. Our experience has shown that training with DiSC personality profiles increases employees’ and managers’ appreciation of each others’ observable behaviors which greatly enhances workplace interactions and communications.