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Effective Leadership Training for Executives, Managers and Supervisors

Developing Leadership Skills – Executive Training

and Development

There was a time when many people believed ‘leaders are born, not made’; but scientific

research and practical experience has shown that leadership skills can be learned – and

even a ‘born leader’ can benefit from executive assessment tools, leadership development

programs, executive coaching and mentoring. The Pleasure of Your Company™ provides

a broad array of tools and courses for developing leaders, as well as consulting services

to assist companies in executive training and talent management.

Leadership Development Programs:

Developing Leadership Skills

A successful leadership development program like Inscape Publishing's Everything Disc

Workplace for Leaders generally includes a variety of developmental experiences including

classroom work and case studies, executive coaching, 360 degree feedback, and coaching

or mentoring. These are complemented by practical training in coaching, interpersonal

communications, conflict resolution, work-life balance, visioning, alignment and execution.

An effective leadership development plan should also take into account the unique leadership skills required for the particular industry, organization and specific executive positions within the organization.

Developing Individual Leaders – Courses in Leadership Development

Where management development focuses on managing one-to-one, leadership development focuses on leading, a one-to-many relationship. Accordingly a leader development program is tailored toward the specific individual needs of the candidate leader – determined by competency evaluation, developmental assessments and executive coaching. These executive training concepts are essential for a well-managed organization, and TPOYC offers a robust array of performance management consulting services, training courses and tools -- including Vital Learning courses for leaders and managers -- to assist companies in managing customized leadership development programs.

Succession Planning – Executive Development and Leadership Training

Well managed organizations know they can not afford to be without a leader (or even the perception they are without a leader), so they create succession plans and leadership development programs to ensure there is always a qualified executive ready to replace the CEO or other key executives in the event of his/her death, disability or departure for other reasons. This is particularly true for public companies whose stock price and corporate image may suffer substantially in the event the public perceives there will be a disruption in the leadership team and orderly operation of the company.It is crucial that the leadership pipeline is ready for promotion and there is bench strength that is being groomed for any unforeseen circumstances.

Leadership Traits: Self–Awareness, Self-Regulation and Self-Motivation

Effective leaders have many desirable qualities, but the ones which set them apart from the ordinary are the ability to admit when they make a mistake and the ability to lead by example. The Pleasure of Your Company™can assist your organization in conducting assessments to identify these key leadership traits, and implement leadership development plans to train executives to improve their performance in areas such as thinking strategically, establishing and executing plans, enabling others, driving for business results and leading courageously.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring – Leadership Training

Among the various leadership development methods, coaching and mentoring by an experienced proficient leader has the best track record and reputation for success. This guided apprenticeship approach to leadership training has the advantage of the ‘real-world’ business environment, but also benefits from the use of complementary leadership assessment tools and classroom-based executive training.

Programs and Tools for Leadership Development

Many colleges and universities offer MBA programs and other coursework for the development of business management and leadership skills. Organizations can also benefit from specialized leadership courses (classroom or online) offered by companies like The Pleasure of Your Company™ which can be tailored for the specific needs of the company and scheduled at times that are convenient for the organizations and participants.

Executive Assessment, Selection and Development

With so much at stake in the selection of leaders, it is of the utmost importance that organizations select leadership candidates who have the qualities necessary to become a successful executive and the necessary training to exhibit leadership skills. Fortunately there are now highly capable assessment tools which can be used to qualify candidates for leadership positions – and these can be customized to meet the needs of the specific industry, organization and executive role.