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Training Managers for Employee Engagement to Increase Productivity

Effective Manager Training – Management Skills,

Processes and Relationships

The transition from individual contributor to manager can be challenging, and it is important to

give a new manager the training and tools necessary to perform effectively in this new role. While

some first-time managers are able to get by with on-the-job training, successful companies

employ an organized manager training process as part of an overall leadership

development program. The management skills and performance of first line managers directly affect the bottom line of the business, and should not be left to chance.

TPOYC Manager-in-Training Courses and Management Training Program

The Pleasure of Your Company™ has a comprehensive array of classroom-based and online manager training courses, tools and consulting services. These complement your organization’s ongoing talent management program and prepare the manager-to-be for key activities like coaching, conflict resolution, interviewing and hiring, employee development, team building and performance management. Each TPOYC manager training course can be customized to meet the specific management training requirements of your organization and business environment.

Leadership Training for New Managers – Classroom and Online Courses

For the first-time manager, training in team building, performance management, employee supervision and communications are the first steps in leadership development. New managers must also be familiar with the diversity of employee personality traits, communications styles and job skills, as exemplified in the Inscape DiSC profile assessments and job-specific competency evaluations. These will enable the first-time manager to understand the perspectives and capabilities of the members of his workgroup, and assist in their personal and professional development.

Essential Manager Skills and the TPOYC Manager Training Program

One of the most essential adaptations for new managers is the change in orientation from task accomplishment to planning, motivating and leading. Although the manager still has individual objectives and responsibilities, first priority must go to team management. This requires a basic understanding of performance management, team communications and conflict resolution. TPOYC courses train managers to understand the requirements of their supervisory and leadership roles, and cope with these new responsibilities..

Performance Management Training for New Managers

The manager training courses (online and classroom-based) from The Pleasure of Your Company™ give first-time supervisors the management skills they need in team building, employee engagement and motivation, goal setting and delegation that are indispensable in being an effective manager. TPOYC also offers courses and tools for time management, increasing productivity, project management, stress management, hiring and interviewing that can be invaluable to new managers and veteran supervisors.

Employee Engagement – Training Managers to Engage Employees

During decades of manager training, leadership development and executive training, we have seen many new supervisors (and experienced managers) become overwhelmed by the increase in responsibilities and workload resulting from a promotion or organizational realignment. Employee engagement – creating an environment in which employees internalize much of the day-to-day management of their work lives – can significantly increase a manager’s productivity and effectiveness. Empowering and motivating employees to self-manage their job performance and interactions with coworkers can free managers’ time for higher priority planning and leadership responsibilities.