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Interactive DiSC Profile Assessment Online

Personality Assessment with Online DiSC Profiles

More and more organizations are using online DiSC profiles to increase employee engagement,

teamwork and workplace communications. These personality assessments are designed to identify

work-related behavioral styles, and foster better understanding and interaction among employees.

Although the online DiSC profile is usually completed in private by each individual, most companies

like to have an entire department or work team take these in the same time frame, so they can

assemble the group afterward to go over the results and engage in a profile debriefing and learning

session as well as individual development planning. These activities illustrate the differences

among profile types, and provide practical experience in job-related interactions with people having

different behavioral styles.

Planning for Individual or Group Personality Tests

Before completing an online DiSC profile, each employee should be briefed on the purpose of the

personality assessment and advised to complete the web-based form spontaneously and honestly.

Emphasis should be given to the diversity of behavioral styles in the workplace, and the necessity to

understand one’s own personality type – and appreciate the behavioral types of others – to

enhance teamwork and effective workplace communications and team management. It is natural for

participants to mistakenly consider the DiSC profile a test, and try to provide the ‘right’ answers. But

it is inaccurate to call this a ‘DiSC test’; there are no right or wrong answers, and employees are

not being graded. So it’s important to encourage employees to answer forthrightly to obtain the most

benefit from the process.

Completing Individual DiSC Profiles Online

The current format of the online DiSC profile presents the employee with a series of statements,

organized into groups of four. For each group, the participant is asked to select the statement that

best describes him or her and mark this with a thumbs-up; then select the one they consider least like them, and mark this with a thumbs-down. This enables the employee to avoid statements he finds confusing or ambiguous, producing more accurate assessments of the DiSC profile. The online format makes it easy to complete profiles in less than 10 minutes.  Example:

In this case, the person taking the online DiSC profile would provide two responses – one for the statement he/she found most applicable to them (clicking on the thumbs-up symbol), and one for the statement which is least applicable (clicking on the thumbs-down symbol).

Inscape Training Products for Leaders and Managers

In addition to classroom and online DiSC profiles, TPOYC offers Inscape’s new Everything DiSC series of role-specific courses for leaders, managers, salespeople and employees. The leadership development and manager training products are particularly effective for teaching executives about the personality styles of their current and prospective employees – and how these shape their perspectives, attitudes and workplace behavior. 

The Work of Leaders course utilizes Inscape’s framework of Vision, Alignment and Execution to encourage leaders and managers to understand their own work-related behaviors and how they impact their effectiveness. The course begins with online pre-work, followed by an engaging facilitation with online video, and concluding with an online follow up to provide a personalized learning experience.

TPOYC – Business Training Products and Consulting

The Pleasure of Your Company (TPOYC) offers a complete variety of Inscape business training tools including Everything DiSC profile (online and classroom) and DiSC Classic profiles and courses. We also provide on-site and remote training consulting services to assist client organizations in planning, conducting and evaluating job-related behavioral profiles and employee engagement surveys. Contact us today to learn how online DiSC profiling and employee surveys can help your organization engage employees and increase productivity.