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Supervision Skills Training Courses from The Pleasure of Your Company™

Training Supervisors – Courses & Tools for Supervisor


The Pleasure of Your Company™ offers courses to build the management skills supervisors need

to effectively manage, motivate and engage employees. These are an essential part of

leadership development, and most successful organizations require completion of specific

supervisory training as part of their management development program. Most of the TPOYC

supervisor training courses are based on Inscape DiSC profile assessments and Vital Learning’s Leadership Series, and utilize these tools to provide the supervisory skills new managers need to be successful.

Supervisor Training Program – Management Skills for Supervisors

The most important supervisor skills are leadership, motivation, communication, delegation, conflict resolution and performance management. A robust supervisory training program includes classroom or online courses in these areas, and it’s important that first-time supervisors are trained to perform these skills effectively. The Pleasure of Your Company™ has extensive experience in supervisor training, and we can combine industry standard assessment products and customized courses to create a TPOYC program specifically tailored for your organization’s requirements.

Leadership Development for the New Supervisor – Training Course

In addition to our popular online and classroom Leadership Development Series, TPOYC has a specialized supervisor training course in Delegation, Performance Management, Developing and Coaching Others, Essential Skills of Communication and Essential Skills of Leadership. These courses provide the tools and skills supervisors need to adapt to their new role in the organization, and comprise the core foundation of their initial leadership development training.

Key Supervisory Skills for Leadership Development

In addition to the technical and project manager skills necessary to coordinate work processes, supervisor training

builds the ‘people skills’ and other ‘soft skills’ necessary to translate workgroup objectives into individual

assignments for employees. A successful organization will have a leadership development program that provides

supervisor training in these areas. Supervisors must also monitor employee performance, coach employees to

remedy performance shortfalls, and manage employee development to ensure workers have the skills and

experience necessary for future assignments.

Training in Supervising Employees -- Performance Management

Managing the performance of their workgroup is one of the most important aspects of being a supervisor, and The Pleasure of Your Company™ offers a comprehensive array of supervisor training courses and consulting services to assist corporations, non-profits and government agencies to train supervisors. In addition to the leadership development courses mentioned above, TPOYC has course offerings (classroom and online) in change management, time management, conflict management -- as well as specialized courses to train sales and customer support personnel. Each course and DiSC Profile based-tool can assist the new supervisor in training his team to deal with workplace conflict and stress, as well as managing personal change, conflict and stress experienced on the job.

Supervisor Training from The Pleasure of Your Company ™

TPOYC assists organizations of all sizes – from Fortune 500 to small businesses and non-profits – in setting up supervisor training programs, advising clients on the management skills needed by supervisors, and conducting supervisor training courses. All of our employee development courses and manager tools employ the concept of employee engagement – improving productivity by increasing employees’ understanding of their jobs and their contribution to the organization’s success, and engaging employees to increase their commitment and motivation to be successful. For more information on our supervisor training programs and specific courses for training supervisors, call us today at(972) 442-9000.