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Corporate Team Building – Work Activities and Exercises

Training in Team Building at Work

Employee engagement and team building have a lot in common, and The Pleasure of Your

Company™ works with organizations of all sizes to build teams: project teams, functional

work groups, business partnership teaming and even the executive team. Building a cohesive

work group requires leadership and a high level of engagement by the team members; and

the TPOYC team building training classes can accelerate this process to increase group

camaraderie and productivity. We also offer consulting services to assist in the planning and

implementation of in-house team building work.

TPOYC Team Building Programs 

The best team building program on the market today is The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive

(create link to store)Team.  This classroom experience includes a team assessment report and

with individual DiSC® (personality style) profile information.  The assessment scores report the

team’s strengths and areas for improvement within the five behaviors:  trust, conflict,

commitment, accountability and results.

In addition to the powerful Five Behaviors program, TPOYC also offers job related team building

games and exercises to increase workgroup bonding and practice capitalizing on the principles

learned in the Five Behaviors program.  These team building activities simulate real-world organizational interactions; and the lessons learned translate readily to actual team building at work.  Examples of exercises and online support include:

  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
  • Search for the Lost Dutchman's Goldmine
  • Understanding Behavior Styles for Teams (online course)
  • Reinforcing Your Understanding of Behavioral Styles for Teams (online course)
  • 360 Feedback: Team Development (group debriefing and action planning)

The courses and games listed above simulate team building in work-like situations, and are designed to create a lasting understanding and awareness of individual diversity in behavioral styles – the four dimensions of the DiSC profile: Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Workplace team building occurs over a longer period of time in a more stressful environment with higher stakes; but the team members’ appreciation of each others’ profile characteristics and viewpoints applies directly to relationships in building teams in work-related situations. To reinvigorate employees’ understanding of behavioral profiles, The Pleasure of Your Company™ also offers a refresher online course called Reinforcing Your Understanding of Behavioral Styles for Teams.

Company Teamwork Training from TPOYC

Organizational team building at work can include development of a short-term project team for a specific task or event, creating a new functional group to design a new product or open a new office, or inaugurating a new executive committee to plan for a prospective acquisition. Frequently when these groups are formed, many of the members have not worked together previously; and they really need to work at team building right from the inception of the workgroup. The term “team player” has been over-used, but employees who have received team building training and can effectively participate in building teams at work are valuable resources and are often sought out for important projects and leadership development opportunities.

Management Training -- Team Building at Work

Several of our Leadership Development courses include work on team building and group leadership. The TPOYC training products most applicable to team building at work include:

  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders
  • Developing and Coaching Others
  • Essential Skills of Leadership
  • Leading Successful Projects
  • Everything DiSC 363 Feedback
  • Managing for Employee Engagement

The Pleasure of Your Company™ can customize any of these course offerings and/or add material specific to your industry or company requirements to create a team building training program that meets the unique requirements of your organization.

Corporate Team Building – Tips and Success Factors

The most important aspect of team building at work is ensuring that leadership is completely involved and committed to the team effort. This signals to group members that the work is important and creates a positive environment for collaboration. It’s also important that team building training be offered to all employees; because sooner or later, all employees will need these skills, and the organization as a whole will benefit from the increased effectiveness and productivity this training provides. Finally, these team building skills need to be practiced periodically – on the job or in training sessions – to maintain them at a high level of performance.