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Employee Engagement Training Courses, Profiles and Tools from Pleasure of Your Company™

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Training Catalog -- by Topic

DiSC Profile -- Inscape Everything DiSC:
Dimensions of Leadership, Discovering Diversity, Personal Listening, Team Dimensions, Time Mastery, Work Expectations and a complete selection of the new Everything DiSC Work of Leaders courses. 

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation:
Training in resolving conflicts and conducting win-win negotiations

Customer Service Training:
Handling customer complaints, Star Service, DiSC Customer Service Action Planner

Employee Engagement Courses:
Managing for Employee Engagement, Wiley (formerly Inscape) Adventures in Attitudes Executive Edition, Participant Guidebook, Facilitator Guide 

Listening and Communications Skills:
Personal Listening Profile (paper and online) courses based on Wiley (formerly Inscape) DiSC assessments

Sales Training:
Customer-Focused Sales, DiSC Sales Action Planner, Territory and Account Management

Stress Management Courses:
Coping and Stress Profile (paper) and Facilitator’s Kit, Creating Work-Life Balance

Time Management Training:
Time Mastery Profile (paper and online versions) using Inscape Everything DiSC profile, Creating Work-Life Balance

Diversity Training Courses:
Discovering Diversity Profile, Diversity Awareness (Online) and Workplace Harassment Prevention

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Training Catalog -- by Vendor   

Inscape Publishing (incl DiSC Profile)
DiSC Classic profile, Adventures in Attitudes, and other DiSC assessment-based training products , Coping and Stress Profile, Discovering Diversity, Managing Work Expectations, Time Management, and Listening Profile, and featuring Everything DiSC profile-based courses

CRK Interactive online course selections
Customer Service, Leadership, Personal Development, Sales and Team Building with DiSC Assessments

Six Thinking Hats -- Creativity & Problem Solving
Dr. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats training in Creative Thinking. One-day or two-day training, slide rules, pocket references and posters

Vital Learning courses on Customer Service, Increasing Productivity, Sales Training and Supervisor Training.

Anderson-davis Workplace Harassment Prevention online course for supervisors and employees

Pfeiffer training courses -- Managing for Employee Engagement, The Leadership Challenge, Five Dysfunctions of a Team